How to Deal with Your Narcissist When They’re Near You

If you’re ever in a situation where you have to deal with a narcissist – be it in person, on social media, or even just crossing paths – it can be tough to know what to do. Here are some tips on how to cope when dealing with a narcissist, from staying calm to deleting their number.

How to Deal with a Narcissist When They’re Near You

When a narcissist is near, it can be tough to know what to do. That’s why it’s important to keep calm and not let them get to you. Here are some tips on how to deal with a narcissist when they’re around:

-Stay calm: Don’t let the narcissist get you riled up or emotional. Keep your composure and stay on an even keel.

-Don’t give them the attention they crave: Avoid making any sudden movements or talking too much. Save your dialogue for later if necessary.

-Leave if necessary: If a narcissist is making you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to leave or call for help. Remember, you always have the option to walk away.

Tips for Staying Calm When Around a Narcissist

If you find yourself around a narcissist, there are a few things you can do to stay calm. Remember that narcissists are only interested in themselves, and their own needs and desires. So try not to react defensively – they won’t change regardless of how much you try to get them to. Just keep your conversations short and avoid getting drawn into an argument. And, most importantly, don’t let the narcissist get the best of you. Don’t let them make you feel uncomfortable or insecure. Remember, they don’t care about you or what you think – only about themselves.

How to Delete a Narcissist’s Number

If you ever need to delete a narcissist’s number, be prepared for some resistance. There is a good chance that they will try to keep the number, or even use it against you in future interactions. Before deleting their number, be aware of the signs that indicate you may need to do so. The most important thing to remember is that you only take action if it is truly necessary and think about the long-term consequences before doing so.

Although it can be tough, knowing how to deal with a narcissist when they’re near you is essential for your safety and well-being. By following the advice in this article, you can stay calm and protect yourself from this dangerous person.

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